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  33,st.Zamkovaya Minsk, office 48A
  +375 (17) 392-79-07


 Candidate of Legal Sciences
 Danko I.V.
 +375 (17) 392-79-07
 33,st.Zamkovaya, Minsk, office 48A

The Department of Economic and Financial Law was established on 01.09.1992. The Department of Economic and Financial Law is a graduating department providing education in specialty 1-24 01 02 "Jurisprudence" (with specialization 1-24 01 02 04 "Tax and Banking Law") and in specialty "Economic Law" (with specialization 1-24 01 03 02 “Legal Regulation of Finance and Credit "). The accumulated intellectual and pedagogical potential of the department allows to introduce innovative author's approaches to the educational process, which is based on the latest achievements of science. They are aimed at the development of students' creative thinking and their ability to solve legal problems in modern conditions. Teaching staff use computer testing; individual off-line and on-line consultations, multimedia, etc. The department motivates students to participate in research activities. The department has a scientific student society and student research laboratory. Scientific projects of students under the guidance of teaching staff of the department regularly win at university and republican subject competitions.

LIST OF CURRICULUM DICIPLINES (for university undergraduates)

  • Banking law
  • Budgetary law
  • Land law
  • Real estate law
  • Information law
  • Tax law
  • Basics of banking law
  • Basics of intellectual property management (optional)
  • Legal regulation of securities circulation
  • Legal regulation of fiscal control
  • Legal regulation of commercial activities
  • Legal work of business entities  in modern conditions
  • Natural resource law
  • Legal regulation of insurance
  • Financial law finance law
  • Finance and financial market
  • Environmental law
  • Judiciary

LIST OF CURRICULUM DICIPLINES (for university graduates)

  • Topical aspects of financial law
  • Tax consulting
  • Legal support for the development of electronic state
  • Theory and practice of banking legislation

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