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  3, Korol st, 3, Minsk, office 37
  +375 (17) 397-36-81


 Candidate of Philosophy
 Tereshkovich P.V.
 +375 (17) 397-36-81
 3, Korol st, Minsk, office 37

The Department of Philosophy and Political Sciences was established in 2006 as a graduating department for specialty 1-23 01 06 «Political Sciences» (with the specialization 1-23 01 06-01 01 «Political rule and political systems»). The department carries out all types of educational, research, methodological and educational work. Teaching activities are carried out by highly qualified and experienced specialists who ensure a high level of theoretical and practical training of students. They actively take part in international and national scientific research conferences; publish scientific monographs, articles, textbooks and guidelines. The training of students in social disciplines is carried out at all faculties both full-time and by correspondence.


  • Introduction to Political Theory
  • Geopolitical problems of the modern world
  • Integrated module «Political Science», which includes «Political Science» and «Basics of the Ideology of the Belarusian state»
  • Integrated module «Philosophy», which includes «Philosophy» and «Basics of Psychology and Pedagogy»
  • Integrated module «Economics», which includes «Sociology»
  • Logic
  • Logic (specialized module at students ' choice)
  • Local self-government in the Republic of Belarus
  • Methodology of political science
  • Public policy
  • Public policy (Specialized module at students ' choice)
  • Work organization of the state apparatus
  • Basics of the Belarusian state ideology
  • Political ideology
  • Political culture
  • Political psychology
  • Political communications
  • Political parties and interest groups
  • Political aspects of modern global studies
  • Contemporary terrorism
  • Conflictology
  • Religious denominations in the Republic of Belarus
  • Rhetoric
  • Sociology
  • Sociology of law
  • Sociology of law (Specialized module at students ' choice)
  • Comparative politics
  • Comparative Religious Studies (Specialized module at students ' choice)
  • Civil society
  • Economic sociology (Specialized module at students ' choice)
  • Theory and practice of public policy evaluation
  • Theory of public administration
  • Theory of democracy
  • Theory of politics
  • Theory of political systems
  • Theory of political decision-making
  • Philosophy
  • Ethics and Aesthetics (Specialized module at students ' choice)
  • Ethnopolitics
  • Legal rhetoric
  • Philosophy and methodology of science (Master’s  Degree level)
  • Basics of Belarusian state ideology (Faculty of retraining and upgrading)

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